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KITE: Chapter Two (Part1)

Chapter Two
The Second Day

The mess hall was quiet on the second day – it seemed the grunts had learned their lesson the day before, their sullen stares followed by averted eyes when Jessica or the rest of her squad caught their glances. It led to a growing confidence amongst them.

Nick had arrived early in the mess hall, stayed late, ate slowly and long after his squad had left he watched, she looked at ease, comfortable with her squad. He felt strange, almost as if he were intruding, spying, wondering if he misread her? Should not have pushed?

He didn’t know why he felt this, she was nothing special, he’d taken more beautiful women before, why did he feel different this time?


After mess there was a training session in the gym and after that Jessica gave the squad free time, each wandered off.

Miyuki anxious to explore – her first off-world experience, she wandered the corridors, watched at the door of the map room as the fleet officers turned and twisted the holographic star charts and red clouded hyperspace lay line charts.

She wandered up to the observation deck and in the red warmth looked out into the tumult as Jessica had, barely feet away, the previous night, she felt herself pulled into it, first mission, deep in the red, far, far from home.

She wandered aftwards, the low hum and the vibrations of the decks drawing her towards engineering, the unusual sounds, smells, the electric taste in the air, all exciting and new.

She wandered… she wandered alone down the corridors... darkening as engineering grew nearer…

Then she thought she heard footsteps, and the clanking of metal against metal, coming closer. Just someone from the ship’s crew, hopefully? The ship had women on the bridge, in the map room, in medbay, but down in engineering, it was mostly men, and even some young Corps-born boys working as grease-monkeys in tight shafts. The sounds were coming closer, though, sounding ominous, and then she could hear sounds from another direction as well.

Suddenly the dark didn't seem so welcoming, she turned back the way she had come, dark shapes there between her and the light, large shapes, three men, their shoulders huge, bulked up by the steroids, thee men across the corridor. She smiled. Why did she smile? Corps don't smile, they order. She stepped forward towards them... determined to show her strength and intent.

Even three against one she would have a chance, her speed and reflexes boosted higher than any man could match, although if one of them managed to pin her down, things could turn… ugly. “Don't be afraid, pet... we only want to have some fun with you...” one them offered, leering. “You're a pretty one, for sure...”

A little fear rose in Miyuki's mind then, she adopted a guard stance “You boys didn't learn yesterday?” she replied, but there was a slight waver to her voice. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps behind, she looked behind, three more, the three in front advanced a step.

“You have one chance... give up and submit, and you might actually have a nice time, pet. But if you try to fight us...” The man had an iron pipe in his hand, and he made an up-and-down motion with it, demonstrating how he would use the thick metal rod on her. Six men... she couldn't hope to win in a fight against six men, not when surrounded.

Miyuki relaxed, and her head dropped as if she were submitting, hearing the scrape of their boots on the floor, a crazy thought entered her mind that it could almost be their knuckles dragging. The man with the pipe was close now, she ducked, grabbing the pipe, even the least of the Corps was a match for this brute, bringing the pipe whistling down onto the side of his knee she heard it splinter and his scream, she swung the pipe again, this time a squelch and a crack as it hit the second man's head, his neck suddenly lolling.

'I’m doing it!' she thought and then the pain behind her knee brought her down.

She was pushed hard to the floor, the metal grating against her cheek. “Bad move, bitch,” she heard one of the men say, as he grabbed her hair, “but I kinda hoped you'd fight it...”

He slammed her head against a metal cabinet with a crunch, filling her vision with dark red spots. Then he did it again, before dragging her upright by her hair. A second grunt pulled her limp arms behind her back, and bound her. A third grunt had opened his fatigues, and extracted a huge, filthy cock. It smelled awful. “You're gonna suck this, bitch, and if I so much as feel any teeth, we'll knock them all out and then break every bone in your body, got it?!”

The smell was repulsive, the cock was repulsive, the man was repulsive, she kept her mouth shut, another blow her across the eyes. The four unhurt grunts were standing around her now, as the one with the broken knee cried in pain behind them, the other lay still, (his neck slack, she hoped he was dead), seemingly forgotten, but for the hatred that seemed to grow and grow within them. She kept her mouth closed

"This should make her open her mouth!” one said. Someone parted her legs, the man who had taken the pipe from her landed a hard blow with it across her crotch, and then a second one.

“Shoulda given up while we gave you the chance, and you might have had some fun with us all night!” he laughed. “Think we should make a movie of us having her, boys? Should be something every man will want to see, one of these bitches broken to cock!”

The pain was hard - but she'd taken it before, still she curled up, their hands pulling at her hair, pulling her back upright, her left eye was beginning to close, her lip swelling but some bravado remaining, they were still scared, she could hear it in their voices

The metal pipe was tossed to the man with his cock hanging out. “I'll have your mouth if I have to break your jaw to get it open, cunt. Don't you get it, you're just rape-meat for us now?!” He seemed pissed off that she didn't submit and surrender to him, the way girls like her surely did in his fantasies and the VR shows.

Miyuki's breath was coming back now, she should be able to cope with this, the others would. Trying to remain calm, her arms constrained, options somewhat reduced, she suddenly lunged forward, feeling some of her hair tear out in their fingers, her forehead connected with his groin
“Cunt!” the man groaned, but then he found himself and launched a knee at her. Fortunately, it only struck her shoulder, but it hurt even so. Then Miyuki saw something emerge from his chest... the tip of a knife? Her vision was a little blurry, but the man's jaw dropped. He had been stabbed straight through from behind. Before any of the grunts had had a chance to react, he was shoved aside, and Miyuki could see Dayna's tall, panther-like body come into view.

She showed the palm of her hand against one man's cheek, then stabbed her other hand at his face with two fingers extended, slightly curled. With a sickening sound, she pulled out the man's eye, then left it hanging down his cheek by merely the optic nerve. She grinned wide at the two remaining men as she caught the pipe, before it had even touched ground. “So, who was it that talked about getting raped by this?”  she purred, and the two grunts broke and ran.     

Dayna gently lifted the handcuffed Miyuki from the ground – she was shockingly strong, at least compared to Miyuki herself – then kicked the man she had gouged. “Don't be babies, the medbay can fix you up, at least if you get there in... oh, about five minutes. Better get running!”

Miyuki stumbled as Dayna lifted her, strong arms so comforting and looked at the male wreckage around them, the men she had hit, one still trying to crawl away on his shattered knee, the other, still laying where he fell, his neck horribly askew. Was this really her first kill? A mobile infantry grunt? Weren't they all supposed to be on the same side? She felt nauseous, but couldn't tell if that was the realisation or the pain. The man with his eye out was curled up, whimpering, holding his eye between fingertips, moving as if to try and replace it then crying again. The other... laying in a pool of blood, his limp cock still hanging out pale and stinking.. she stepped on it.

"Please Dayna.. take me out of here"

Dayna nodded but then knelt... "just need to collect something"
With a quick, practiced slash, she cut something from his groin. Some more blood spurted, but not a lot, and she dropped the objects into a small bag on her hip. Moving swiftly then to the man with the broken neck, she repeated the action, offering the objects to Miyuki, she smiled "You earned these", but Miyuki turned away, bile rising.

"Oh well" she said tossing them into the corner with a sickly plop. Then she dragged each of the fallen figures further into the darkness, away from the paths the EngTechs might follow. Finally she aimed another kick at the whimpering man in the corner - "I said FIVE MINUTES!"

Then she took a firm but gentle hold of Miyuki, and led her away, back towards their quarters. Dayna had to fight not to show how much she enjoyed seeing her squadmate in handcuffs – she looked so vulnerable.


Kristian Weber fell back against the wall, his heart pounding, his eyes damp, gasping for air.

This wasn’t how it was meant to be. They were GROPOS, Mobile Infantry, the biggest, toughest brutes EarthGov could muster. He’d trained and built since he was a child, they all had, they were strong, Earth’s strength, muscle and bone. This wasn’t how things were meant to be… there was an order to things, and now Asher and Ringo were dead.

How could this be?

There is an order to things.

Weber touched his tender nose as he slid down the wall to the floor, there was an order to things, and yet yesterday that little red haired girl, the smallest of them, had broken his nose. A girl? Fit only for fun or breeding.

He heard a sound and started, was he really afraid of girls?

Later that first night he’d fucked one of them, the other redhead, fucked ‘til he was raw.

And she had laughed at him, laughed at them all.

And today, that other little one, the chinese, six of them, and she’d broken Stirling’s leg and Ringo’s neck… his neck. Ringo, who had taken Weber down in training more times than he could count. Ringo, who had risen to the top of the squad, Ringo who’d led them to victory in countless inter-squad training missions, Ringo who had broken a man’s arm arm-wrestling, Ringo had been killed.

And even then some honour might have been salvaged, but for that black girl. He could still see that shiny metal protruding from Asher’s chest, and the blood, and someone’s eye?… and he had run.

“There has to be an order to things.”


Miyuki flopped down on her bunk, only then did the tears begin to flow. Dayna sidled up next to her, to hold her

"It’s OK Miyuki... we can handle their sort"

"But I couldn't… I was so afraid... Corps aren't meant to be afraid"

“Shh...” Dayna said, stroking a strong, dark finger across her cheek. “You didn't do too badly. But... now they'll know that you're not invincible, and they might try again...”

"How do I cope if they try again?"
“I... I'm not sure, sweetie,” Dayna said, and she had to suppress a smirk. “I might be able to take six of them, but you...” She made a small shake of her head. “I know you're pretty good with guns, Miyu, but you know they'll only let us break those out once we hit the ground...”

"Don't leave me alone Dayna... please" her dark eyes looking up into Dayna's equally dark eyes. "Please don't". She began to sob again. "I need you".
Dayna tilted her head. “You're asking for a lot, Miyu...” she said softly, loving the desperation in the younger girl's voice. But she stroked her cheek once more.

"I.. I .. know.. I should be able to cope... I just... don't know how" she moved to hold onto Dayna suddenly remembering she was bound, the tears began to flow again "Oh God Dayna how did Ii end up like this… please help me... please"
“Maybe I could look after you, Miyu... even protect you when we get into combat...” Dayna loved the feeling of power she got from manipulating the younger trooper like this. She stroked Miyuki's hair softly. There was a big 'but' hanging in the air – she wanted something in return.

"Yes… Yes" said Miyuki, restless now in the restraints. “That!"

“And what would you do for me, little one?” Dayna asked in a soft voice, again stroking her finger across Miyuki's face, down to her lips.

The question hurt, but Miyuki knew she needed Dayna, even just to live, still there was always the cost, nothing in life was free. She visibly sagged a moment. What would she give to live? She thought back to the filthy men in the corridor. What would she give to live? It couldn't be so bad, “Anything", she whispered... finally.

Dayna smiled gently. “Do you really mean that, precious? You would be my slave?... make my bed, shine my boots?...” She lowered her lips to Miyumi's ear. “Pleasure me, any way I want?”

Miyuki's hopes rose as Dayna started speaking but fell again, always in life there was a price, and this had to be better than the alternative. She knew, even if she had submitted the grunts would not have let her live to talk, resolve began to stiffen inside her, she looked up again at Dayna. "Yes"
“That's my girl,” Dayna said with a smile. “Once you're mine, I won't let anyone else touch you...” She kissed the younger trooper softly, her tongue probing in between her lips, while her hands peeled off as much of Miyuki's whites as she could while the girl was still cuffed.  Miyuki yielded to her, Dayna's lips soft on her, her tongue gentle, it was a price she could pay, as she shifted her weight to help Dayna remove her whites, peeling them down her arms, stopped by the handcuffs.
“You're so shy and sweet, Miyu... didn't they break you of that in training?” Dayna asked her new pet. “I was fucked a hundred times before I even turned twelve...”

Miyuki shook her head, training was getting shorter as the losses grew, even new recruits knew the corps was over stretched, Miyuki had been 'trained' and 'prepared' yes, but to nothing like the level the older troopers had endured, and what Dayna had endured was nothing compared to those bred in the Corps. God only knew what Maia and Alison had seen and endured.

Miyuki kissed her in return ‘a hundred times?’, it hurt just to think about it, she had been 'lucky', barely double figures, if one didn't include the anti-interrogation 'training'.
Dayna continued to peel away Miyuki's whites, and stroked a finger across her lips, probing a little inside her. “Yes, I can tell... this is the tightest I've ever seen in a Corps girl, Miyu,” she said, smiling. “I like that... you're so pretty...”

Miyuki gasped as Dayna's finger dipped shallowly inside, this was a small price to pay to live she leaned back a little, the sensations were pleasant.. not like in training, not like the men and women with the rough hands and the objects. She moved her hips a little at Dayna’s touch. Dayna continued to stroke and finger, feeling her grow slick inside. She gave her another kiss, deeper this time, before finally breaking it. She knew she could have Miyuki any way she wanted, but she enjoyed toying, manipulating her.

She helped Miyuki down on her knees on the floor, still handcuffed, and then pulled aside her own tight uniform to expose her own vagina. “Show me what you can do, Miyu...”

Miyuki looked up, past Dayna's pudenda, flat stomach and breasts, Dayna was smiling but it wasn't a kind smile. Miyuki leaned forward, edtending her tongue ‘til the tip made the barest of touches on Dayna's hood. She flicked her tongue, moving the hood ever so slightly, wondering if the touch was enough. The strong hand on the back of her head soon told her it was not as she found herself pulled forcefully in

“Mmm, young tongues are always the best...” Dayna grunted. “So smooth...” Not only that, she gained immense pleasure from young trooper’s submission, how she was whoring herself for protection from the men. “You'd better learn to do it right, precious... you'll be doing this every day from now on!”

Miyuki smelled her, strong, wondered how often Dayna cleaned, not often she suspected, her nose forced in, she licked harder, her tongue now slipping between Dayna's fat lips parting them, her smell, stronger even than before, Miyuki tilted her head back delving further, the taste strong, like her scent.

“You've wanted to do this ever since you first saw, haven't you, little Miyu? Wanted to be my little slave-pet?” Dayna moved her sex across Miyuki's face, covering the young trooper’s face with her juices. “Tell me how much you like it...”

She felt the wetness on her face, Dayna's taste strong in her mouth, she swallowed, the taste was stronger than those at the academy.

"I love…" she paused "to please you" she wanted to leave, but thought then of the men, their stench, stronger than Dayna's , their foulness,  this ... she could do this. "I love to please you" she smiled.

“That's my girl...” Dayna said, moaning with pleasure as Miyuki licked her. No one could survive the academy without learning how to use her mouth on men and women both. Dayna herself had been used harder than most, since she was tough and could not be broken. Then she shifted on top of Miyuki, and her anus was pressed to the young trooper’s lips. Miyuki knew it was coming, she'd not seen half what some of the other girls had but she knew, she felt Dayna's puckered little hole on her lips and pushed out her tongue again, feeling the rippled flesh, circling.

“Nnnhh!” Dayna grunted as Miyu stimulated her. She's good, she thought, I'll have to keep her alive, at least until someone even younger comes along... Most Corps sisters disliked how the new recruits came ever younger as they were rushed through training, but to Dayna, it was all to the good. Maybe I can get two at the same time some day?  Maybe even today, maybe Catherine" Dayna pondered, wondering where the rest of the squad were, pushing herself onto Miyuki’s tongue, feeling its soft point pressing into her.

Miyu's nose pressed now inside her wetness, as her tongue pressed also, she heard the door hiss open but she couldn't see, who entered, just the sound of heels, someone hitting their bunk, watching? not watching? she didn’t know. It seemed as though Dayna rode her mouth harder then, to demonstrate her ownership to the newcomer.

Maeve, though, just gave the couple a look and a shrug, she'd seen this so many times in her years, this and worse. There had been girls who had been forced to be the plaything of their entire squad, or girls used as toilets by their owners, even girls whored out to the grunts.

Miyu felt Dayna push harder, her tongue probed deeper inside, feeling Dayna tightening on it almost popping out, not a word from the other trooper... not Jessica, she guessed, nor Catherine, she pressed harder again, the taste bitter. The door opened again.
This time, Miyuki heard a gasp of surprise, followed by a small whimper, Catherine's voice. “Never seen something like this before, Catherine?” Maeve asked her in a tone of voice that sounded almost bored. “They don't do basic training the way they used to...” She snorted. Dayna shot Catherine a hungry look, her grin almost feral.

Dayna rode Miyuki’s face harder still, finally, an appreciative audience. Catherine backed away, Dayna heard her back into the wall, the small whimper again, she pulled Miyu's head hard to her, grinding down hard onto her nose, her mouth. She heard Catherine sliding along the wall away towards her bunk, She grunted, rocking her hips again, Catherine hit her bunk, rolled away a small sound?  Like a rodent. "Priceless!"

Maeve seemed annoyed by Catherine's reactions. “Kid, either you're strong enough to look after yourself, or you find someone else to do it for you and pay up.” It was clear from the sound of her voice that she was completely uninterested in taking Catherine in. “And did you hear? Another round of fucking counter-interrogation training coming up... that shit bores the fuck out of me...” Maeve had been through the training more times than anyone else on the ship, and she told the others that these days, she could go to sleep in the VR-suit and not wake up until the session was done. That wasn't quite the truth, but she sounded completely unconcerned about being tortured for hours in the simulation.

Dayna almost laughed, Maeve always cracked her up, ‘how could she be so blasé? When there was so much FUN in the universe?’ she pushed down hard on Miyuki's tongue, feeling her sphincter opened. “Damn, so much fun to be had... why waste it?”
“All the way in, precious” Dayna commanded her plaything, and grinned as she tried to see Catherine hiding in the dark corner. Dayna didn't think she was ready to submit to her yet – she'd have to do something to Catherine to make her understand she had to serve.

She began to rock on Miyu, then paused, a little doubt in her mind.. "What if this was enough to drive Catherine to one of the others?" She wiggled on Miyu's tongue, "Nah…  Maeve doesn't care,  Jessica wouldn't,  Maia... Maia's not even sentient... on shore-leave, Maia had never joined her on any trips to brothels, for girls or boys, had never joined in when Dayna abused enemy soldiers or civilians, whether for information or amusement. She's not looking for a plaything. Faizah and Alison? They have each other. The others? None are as strong as me...  oh she'll be fun alright"
Maeve yawned, "Aren't you two done yet?"
“Wanna come over, Catherine? There's a hole here for you as well...” Dayna taunted the younger girl – she didn't expect any results yet, but that would only make the eventual breaking of Catherine all the sweeter. “And I said all of it, Miyu, every inch of tongue!” she said sharply. Miyu gagged slightly, at the bitterness still there as Dayna wiggled on her again and then thrust almost pushing her over. A small yelp came from the far side of the room

Maeve rolled her eyes. “If you're going to make her your toilet, take it to the head – or this place will smell, and the brass will have us do a full cleaning, just on principle.”

"I haven't decided yet" she laughed back "maybe I should" she felt Miyuki flinch and pulled her tighter, a plaintive cry came from Catherine's bunk.” Ahh life is good!”

Miyuki's face ran with dampness, Dayna's juices, her own tears, but after a while it became like a dream, though her tongue ached and her nose too, she felt battered and tired, and all the time, there were Catherine’s pitiful sounds. What right had she to cry? She felt a resentment growing inside her.  This was happening to her not to Catherine, what right had Catherine to be so weak?
She held onto that thought until Dayna climaxed, drenched her, pushed her to the floor, laughed and went to the head.




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