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Oh Hold Again

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KITE: Chapter Three (Part 2)

(Pictures near the end - Still working on earlier pictures - will add them when ready)

Section Leader Christina Rand’s sleep too was uneasy, she turned and could not rest, “It’s always the same in hyperspace” she said to herself, “they say it gives you night terrors”, but she knew it was not hyperspace. She turned on her side again, the pale orange glow of the security lighting leaving too many dark corners, dark corners for dark memories, and things she wished she didn’t know.

Her squad, her girls, probably resting, she hoped so, she curled up into a ball. “It’s just hyperspace” she said again.

No good, she stretched out again, they’re needed here for something, it’s no good if she can’t rest, be at least alert for whatever is out there, she sat up, too many dark corners, in the room, in her mind, maybe the VR suites could help her... distract her, she pulled her robe on and opened the door, stepping out into the darkened corridor, lights low for artificial night.. heading towards the VR suites.

It was tough being a section leader. The other girls in the squad could find their ways of releasing the tension or finding comfort – Christina had already seen Dayna starting to make moves on young Miyuki, and Maeve was almost certain to be out to get thoroughly fucked by some grunts – but neither option was open to Christina. As a leader, she needed to keep her distance.

The VR suits looked in many ways like heavier and clumsier versions of the combat suits the grunts used under their battle armour, covering the entire body and fitted with sensors, motorized joints and interfaces that plugged directly into the troopers skin and nervous system. The sensations they sent into the nerves and directly into the brain were almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They were, of course, supposed to be used for training and practices, but recreational use of them was extremely common, to the point where it was an open secret. There wasn't a squad in the Corps that didn't have access to technically irregular programs.

There were several VR suits in the suite, heavy cabling tracing back from them to the central core – they could be connected to each other in order for people to interact in the virtual reality. The core itself was very sophisticated, as close to a real AI as the laws allowed. While it was possible to run pre-defined programs on it, it was often more interesting to let the system adapt itself to one's subconscious wishes by reading brain-patterns and bodily reactions.

Christina dropped her robe, no other users in the suite tonight and pulled on the VR suit, holding her tight, tighter than her uniform, the sensors pressing against her, electrodes nipping into her skin. She turned her attention to the control panel, flipping through the illicit programmes, looking for something... to feel... innocent again.

She paused, selecting the programme and turned towards the VR bed, then turning back she increased the gain on the brain pattern reader controls, she paused,  leaning heavily on the controls, yes, to be innocent, she turned down the safety controls – usually left up except in case of – more severe training.

She lay back on the bed, pressing the start controls, feeling the suit press to her.

When safeties have been disabled, the program will not stop until it has run its course or is terminated from the outside, and the normal thresholds on pain input are disabled. It becomes impossible to terminate the simulation from within. Christina had used these settings on other girls before, in training, as punishment, or even for the … interrogation.. of enemies, but never on herself. She knew though enough to cover her tracks – this kind of thing would look bad on a psych evaluation. It's only too easy to imagine a military psychologist nodding and asking her if she wanted to punish herself...

Christina lay back, as the programme commenced, a sharp prickling sensation as the suit began to connect  and then a bright light as it fired signals into her nerves and brain, before subsiding to a murky glow.


She looks down at herself, young again,  just a teenager, her hands soft, softer than they ever really could have been, she’s wearing a white gown, medieval in design, pure, she looks up, the chamber is huge, long, high vaulted, with columns, stark but beautiful.

But there is the rumbling and the dull glow in the distance, she starts to move but her ankle is bound, oh yes, the rescue fantasy. “Where is my knight to rescue me” she laughs inwardly to herself but it feels cold.

She looks beautiful – a mix of her own younger appearance, and what could have been achieved if she had been put through the most intensive genetic beauty-treatments.

And yet…

The chamber seems more ominous than romantic in some ways. And then a gust of wind brings an unpleasant smell to her nostrils – the smell of damp and rotting flesh. There's the sound of heavy wings outside, and then she can hear the grinding as a truly enormous door starts to open.  

The smell, why such a smell, surely this was meant to be a romantic fantasy?

She looks toward the sound of the door.. light creeps in around the edges, the glow increasing, and the sound of something heavy dragging across stone, a clash and a drag, clash, drag sound, something large and terrible.

Then the enormous doors are flung open with almost impossible force, and she can see the dragon. But this is neither a romantic dragon, one that could be won over by a gentle heart until it allowed her to ride its back, nor a fairy-tale dragon to merely imprison the young maidens brought to it. This thing is a stinking, decomposing undead monstrosity. Its wings are in tatters, the pale scales on its body broken with many wounds, all seeping pus and corruption. It's ungainly, terrifying, and foul… disgusting beyond belief. It leaves a stinking trail of corruption behind it as it approaches her, leering. Parts of its skull can be seen. But its eyes are the worst, full of evil and dark lusts.

Christina recoils in disgust, this wasn’t what she wanted… or was it? The machine is responding to her brain waves, why is she thinking this?

The beast crawls closer on its two forelegs, claws clashing with the stone floor as it drags its long carcass behind, the breath is rancid filling up the whole room before it even gets close, she wonders what in her head can cause such decay and corruption but she knows, deep down. She knows.

She knows what she’s seen.

And what she’s done.

Closer, the eyes.. those ghastly evil and lust filled eyes, that somehow, still look... human.

She pulls at the chain at her ankle again, wondering at what point this fantasy can become romantic. Its breath hot on her now, it begins to rise up, its pale belly exposed before her, dripping in its corruption and filth, wrinkled, pale, seeping from festering wounds, suddenly its wings beat and it rises further on the gust of foul air, towering above her, as it reaches out with a single claw, as big as her arm and razor sharp, but slick with foulness, and with a single slash it rips her dress open. Maybe it tries to say something, but is unable to due to the state of its body, and only a grotesque gurgling sound comes out, and rotten fluids drip onto the floor. But one part of the beast seems functional – as it inspects her exposed nudity, it's enormous, rotten phallus starts to rise...

It is red, a livid red, rising out of the pale blue white folds, huge and boil ridden, and seeping yellow from the head in thick lumpy globs.

She wants to scream.,. she should as part of the fantasy, but the Corps trains you, not to scream, not to make a sound no matter what – but this is not right – not what she was looking for. She knows she’s on the VR bed, tries to move, but the reality of this is as strong – it twitches before her face, more yellow oozing out and she feels her stomach turn.

“It’s not real”, she says to herself. .

But it feels real, in some ways more intense than her real life. The monster wants her, but it's size… it’s so close she could touch it, and the smell, the smell is enough to cause retching.

She looks up at the beasts face – high above her but full of lust and hate and evil – but with its human eyes - full of the rottenness of what has been done. She fears its intentions unless it can be sated.

She begins to stroke it, her hand running through the oozing yellow filth, the eyes, not only human, look familiar, she feels herself wanting to retch, she feels the ground begin to tremble, the stones on the floor shifting cracking.

For the moment, it doesn't force her beyond that. It wants more than her hands though, she can feel it. She continues to stroke, her hands rubbing over the rough flesh, occasionally bursting a boil or opening a sore, dark blood, black with foulness leaks onto her hands,  a steady rumble builds with it as the rumble continues around her, earth pushing up between the stone slabs of the floor.

She strokes faster, but knows it is not enough as the stone slabs around her slide away on the loose earth, disgorging  small bodies in barely any better state than the dragon, it leans toward her a little, its eyes water, but filled with malice.. is that hair on its head?

What was it the girl had said so many years ago? “Old men -  covered in blood.. never touched them.. but they’re drowning in it” the filth runs down her arms

The monstrosity makes a growling sound, although it's halfway a bubbling noise as it drools filth. The thing is growing impatient with her, more fluids start to seep from the hole. She is soiled to the elbows in the horrific fluids the undead thing seeps out, and the nausea is worse than anything she's experienced on any battlefield.

Around her the bodies start to move, she looks around at them, reaching to her out of the darkness, small hands, children’s hands. They speak, frail thin voices. “You can bury the truth, but secrets can’t be kept forever.”

“Old men, covered in blood – never touches them but you’re drowning in it for them:”

The dragon’s face leans closer, grey hair flops from the side of its head, a thin combover, it would be funny were it not so foul. Its foul lips quiver. ”You know what you did for us – you know what you’ll do for us again.”

Hands reaching out towards her, small hands, pale, small figures, with swollen bellies,
“Our secrets are yours - Swallow the truth”

The small hands grasp her. They all seem to think she's so filthy she should be happy to despoil herself further by pleasuring the gross, rotting phallus. The fluids pour over her arms, black and yellow. Small hands are reaching for her, faces, familiar faces, the bodies, some torn, some blasted, a face she knew well, half gone, eyes blank,  but belly swollen, she knew too well the uses PK Corps were put to when unfit for active duty.

She remembers her, Teresa, wounded,  her brain, damaged, only half aware.. sent to the breeder units, impregnated over and over, and Bethany, her arm and leg amputated, sent there too, her other limbs removed, held in the units  clasped tight. She wasn’t meant to see these things.. but she had.. she knew when she declared them unfit for service.. where they went, she still sent them there – still does... still does her duty.

Small hands clawing at her back, pushing her towards it, her lips towards it – towards the truth of what they were – and what she is.

But then, suddenly, there's a sound and a flash of metal, and the hands that grasped her falls away, cut off by the wrists. When she looks up, she can see a warrior in a suit of armour, medieval? Or corps? It seems to shift before her eyes.

A man… very tall, clearly very muscular - cuts into the dead bodies, and then starts to hack into the dragon. The blows scatter filth and rotten meat all over, soiling both him and her, but at least he is protected by his armour. He rains down blows on the dragon, cutting it up, destroying it, but also lays waste to all the dead people around her. The simulation becomes a swirling nightmare of violence and filth.

But then, he seems to have been victorious, and he lifts up her soiled, naked body is his mail-clad arms. “Princess?” he asks her. “Were you hurt?”           

Christina looks up at him in shock, the filth all upon her, she can’t answer, knowing that she would have drunk the filth down... was going to... has already… her whole life. Knowing where she sent Teresa and Bethany...  knowing where Jessica and Maia and Maeve and all the rest will go - if necessary.

She feels unclean, knows she’s unclean, the filth is still on her, she tries to wipe it off, still looking at him... how can he bear to hold her? She can’t get clean.

It’s not hyperspace in her mind, she knows that... the program also knows it in its cold electronic way… so many secrets.. so many sins.. so much shame – and she’s taking her section into hell tomorrow.

She looks up, but she can’t speak, it’s almost as if she’d swallowed the filth already

“My lady?” the knight asks again, his voice kindly, and she feels as though she should recognize it. He touches her face lightly with his gauntlet. “You have been through a terrible ordeal. Are you hurt?” Even as he asks, he carries her from the despoiled hall, out into the fresh air outside. Christina knows she is still dripping with filth, though, and it seems almost worse here outside, where the rest of nature isn't as soiled as she is.

Can such secrets stand the light of day?

The filth is still on her, she tries to speak again, but remains silent, always silent , she shakes her head and begins to weep. “No”,  she thinks,  “i never get hurt.”

It won’t come off.

“Shhh...” he tells her, cradling her as though she weighed little more than a feather. Then he opens his visor, and she can see his face. Not the young man she might have expected from a romance VR, but older. Handsome, seeming strong and caring. A face she has never seen in real life, but recognizes from a picture her mother had. He's an idealized version of the father she never met, the marine who impregnated her mother. Did he ever even learn of her existence? Could he be her real father even in this simulation? Does it matter?

She reaches up to touch his face... what would he think if she knew what she had become?
Is he even alive – or dead and defiled on some alien planet, like the poor bastards on this ship are likely to be  in just a few days’ time (Corps don’t get sent unless there’s something to fear).

Would he approve she followed him to the forces – would he approve she volunteered for the Corps, would he approve of the training she received... or that she carried out on others?
Did he understand the sacrifices that had to be made for the welfare of humanity?
She stopped herself short – is it possible to defend humanity by becoming inhuman?”
She touches his face – smearing it with the filth – oh god what would the psyche profilers make of this if they had been watching?

As though by dream logic, reality twists, and she finds herself in her savior’s castle. She's bathing in a large sunken pool of hot water, tended to by young bathing girls. It takes a moment before she realizes that she knows them already, the girls of Jessica’s squad. They seem so innocent at first, but then they step in and start to clean her, and they get soiled first by the filth she's shed in the water, and then further as they start to clean her. One girl – Jessica, she realizes – even kisses at the filth, dutifully cleaning Christine's soiled skin with her mouth... even swallowing the horrid fluids.

Christina winces, self-aware enough to understand, she had it easy compared to the troopers... Corps Volunteer, officer training, the rape and abuse was nothing compared to what her squad endured. Jessica sold into the corps by parents who couldn’t repay the Government settler loans on some godforsaken rock on the rim, Maia, born into the Corps, in the breeder units, never seeing her mother, fed by tubes from invalided corps troopers milked by machine.

She tried to protect them – she really believed that – but duty requires one to do...

This is not the fantasy... the escape that she wanted... she starts to press at the controls of the VR bed... calls out the safeword – but there was no response.

She can see the wordless look in Jessica's eyes as the girl offers to use her mouth... to lick the filth from her. She seems almost eager to devour Christina's filth, to become more like her. She can see Dayna and Maia lead away Miyuki and Catherine respectively, strong arms around the younger smaller girls.

 She should protect them... but humanity must be protected, and she knows that Jessica... well Jessica will do what needs to be done always. With other beginnings, Jessica might have been officer material.

Dayna? a little crazy, but she’ll probably be squad leader after Jessica... if she lives that long. Maia? who knows what, if anything, goes on in that head? Born and bred – corps is all she’s known... all she’ll ever know, she wonders if there’s even a person in there at all.

Christina feels the suit press at her, as if it were Jessica – she knows Jessica will never make full officer ranks, not with her beginnings, she feels shame at everything Jessica has endured, has yet to endure, and that she does so willingly. That all her girls endure. The filth is still there, however much Jessica swallows, it won’t go away. Even here, in this peaceful place.

What has she done to deserve peace?

“Damn IT” she says finally “I’ve fought for it.. and I’ve .. I’ve sacrificed for it!” Briefly she wonders what her girls are doing, if they’re able to rest – there’s at least a little time before they return to hell.

The rottenness seems to keep seeping from her, despite Jessica's best efforts, until finally the girl emerges over the surface again, her mouth and belly full of rot. She looks like she has trouble choking it down. “My lady princess, would you like a robe? My Master will soon be here to see how you are doing...”

“Oh.. yes” she wants to say “Jessica” but she can’t quite bring herself to do it. She feels as if the filth is oozing out of her still – not off of her but from the insides too, running down her legs, down her chin when she speaks, she looks at Jessica, coated in the filth, swollen, choking, and swollen, not with corps progeny like in the chamber but… the filth of secrets she’s protecting and doesn’t even understand  

Jessica rises, and when Christina steps from the bath, rubs her down with a soft towel. Then she sweeps a gorgeous silken gown around her. A moment later, the knight comes into the bath-house. He looks just how Christina imagined him when she was a child: tall, very powerfully built, handsome, and looking firm and protective. But he doesn't seem to recognize her. “My princess,” he says, smiling at her. “I trust you feel better now? You've been through a terrible ordeal.” And no matter how pure and knightly he might be, he can't help but letting his eyes move across her perfect young body. He must want her, even though he tries to be too gentlemanly to show it.

Christina pulls her robe around her, ushering Jessica away, the girl obeys without hesitation. “Why am i thinking this?” She opens her mouth to thank him, but no words come out “he doesn’t know who i am.. or that i even exist” 

He reaches out to touch her cheek, stroking it with a strong finger. He towers above her, and his body is rock-hard and heavily muscled. “My lady, are you still in shock from what that beast did to you?” he asks her, looking down into his eyes. He is – at the same time – both the father she never had when she was growing up, and a powerful, handsome man who must surely think her a lovely sight. And she owes him everything for being saved from the dragon, doesn't she?

She finds herself leaning against his hand – tears form in her eyes – missing his strength even though she never knew it -  she finds herself utterly torn -  concerned at the wrongness of the situation, yet knowing also its unreality.

Again she asks herself why she’s thinking such thoughts as she leans against his hand still.


The program terminated, she did not know how, dazed and confused Christina tumbled from the VR bed, removed the suit, pulled on her gown and returned to her sleepless bed.

“Hell is coming. And there is no one to rescue us.”  

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KITE: Chapter Four Test Image

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I worked on a test image for chapter four some time ago though, I hope you like it.

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Progress is Being Made

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Just wanted to let you know that the second half of Chapter 3 is written, and i'm starting work on the images for it.

I need to say particular thanks to Avuk and Imbrium who have been helping me through a difficult time and also helping me with a section of Kite having a somewhat different style to the preceding sections.

Also thank you to SB, KN and fullytank for your friendship, thank you for helping me soo much. 

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Happy Holidays and Thank You

The pain of the last few weeks has reduced somewhat and I would therefore very much like to thank those of you who wished me well.

I'm thinking again of resuming KITE after the holidays.

So I would very, very much like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.

Here also are two more images, the first a group shot of the whole KITE squad at present, the second another combat image i did for a wonderful friend, though not part of the KITE storyline.

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KITE: On Hold

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I'm sorry, I'm putting Kite on hold for a while.
My life has thrown some things at me that i need to deal with and Kite doesn't really fit in there at the moment.

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KITE: Chapter Three (Part 1)

Chapter Three
The Last Night

On the last night, Maeve and Jessica left them alone again.

Each knew as none slept, for they knew it was the last night before the descent. For a while they lay awake, sleepless, waiting, alone. Miyuki heard Alison leave her bunk and enter Faizah’s, heard their soft sounds, gentle breathing and she knew she wanted to live.

Dayna heard these sounds too and saw the shapes in the dark as Catherine silently entered Maia’s bed, saw Maia’s face turn toward the scant piece of flesh trying to join her, saw them pause, then the covers lift, an arm go around Catherine, pushed away wordlessly as she slid down between Maia’s legs.

The injustice made her very angry.

“Toy!” she shouted, enjoying the silence as the others paused.

“Toy! Pleasure me!”


She looked out into the red again and this time she found herself hoping he would come again, waiting for the calm, rich voice.

She knew his sounds this time, and though he approached as quietly as before she knew he was there before she felt his fingers on the small of her back. She tensed all the same, her skin rising in goosebumps, her eyes closing. His strong hand teasing her hair aside to uncover her neck he kissed her just below the ear.

“Am I such a fool?” she asked herself, but who knew what tomorrow would bring? It was difficult for Corps to touch or be touched, but difficult also to be alone, and who knew how much more time there was?

She let him turn her towards him, if tomorrow were to be the last day?

He kissed her again, she put her hands against his chest, pushed, but this time there was no strength, no will to resist. This time she kissed him back, her lips moving gently on his, pulling at his lower lip, enjoying his taste, oen hand moving behind him, the other to touch his face. 

He began to peel off her thin uniform, seeming to know his way around the bodysuit, peeling it open to expose her breasts and her taut belly, stroking one hand down her flank as he kissed her cheek, her neck, working his way down.

She yielded, a light sigh escaping her lips, as he kissed her neck. She briefly thought how unwise were their actions, but it had been a long time since she had known tenderness, felt like forever, as his kisses passed lower she briefly rested her head on his, her hands slipping down his combat suit, stroking his shoulders, his back..

He cupped and kissed her breasts, taking her nipples in his mouth in turn, biting gently and then flicking with his tongue, feeling them grow firmer, and then slowly working his way down across her taut stomach, exploring the defined muscles. He pulled her uniform down further, exposing her sex, and stroked a finger across her mound and lips. She sighed again as his finger touched her warm softness, discovering that after all, she wanted this, biting her lower lip, resisting an urge to move her hips, to brush herself more firmly against his finger.

He began to kiss and lick her, his finger stroking her lips gently, each side and then parting them. She’d known men who would never kiss the sex of PK... and it was not as if all the rumours about what the girls endured at the academy, and later, were false. He pressed in a little deeper with his fingertip as his lips closed over her hood and then pulled gently. 
She let out a long light moan and trembled a little, it had been a long time since something felt good, her fingers stroked his ears, his hair, gently pulling him to her, she felt warm. “He knows what he’s doing”, she felt herself being brought along, moistening on this tongue as he slipped a finger inside her.

He was starting to grow more eager, a little rougher as he pressed a second strong finger into her, slowly pushing both in deeper... testing her? All the while, nibbling at her hood, as well… as well as any man she'd ever known, his tongue now lifting the hood, finding her bud, teasingly gentle, swirling around, flicking and swirling again.

She pulled him to her more firmly, pressing herself to his lips and tongue. In the Corps, they take a lot from you, they can make it hard ... to experience pleasure, but his tongue on her was good, so pleasurable, as his fingers explored inside her, she felt dampness on her thighs, was it hers or from his mouth? It didn’t matter.

Time passed – beyond their awareness, drifting, swirling even as his tongue moved around her bud, eventually he stood up, running his strong hands – oh strong! - up her sides, and then he kissed her again, rougher than before, and she could taste herself on his lips. He guided her hands to the crotch of his combat suit, where she could feel his excitement too.

She licked her lips, enjoyed her taste on him, she stroked him and smiled, words sprang to mind but she suppressed them this wasn’t the time to be PK, she stroked his shape, and reached inside, her slender fingers touching his manhood very lightly. He grunted, desperately hungry for more, but he managed to contain himself, to let her continue at her pace. She felt his hot breath on her skin.

She stroked his flesh, the size was good, and he was smooth, she pulled apart his fatigues so that she could see. “He’s clean this one”, she stroked more and then fell to her knees, leaning forward to kiss the tip. Her breath light on him, tickling the skin of his manhood, her lips lightly brushing.

He groaned and for a moment he almost wished he was the kind of man who'd brag about his conquests to the others. Not that he never had, but this was special. His hands stroked her hair and cheeks, the small twitches in his fingers telling of his struggle to keep from simply grabbing her and slamming in deep and hard.

She kissed again and again, small butterfly kisses, she felt his fingers twitch, his excitement build and she pressed her tongue at the hole, Her lips moving to pull a little on the head, her fingers stroking down to his sac, teasingly gentle.

She licked then, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum, then pulled back, a little string of fluid between her lips and him, and she smiled, smoothing it from him with her finger to bring it to her lips. She dipped forward again this time taking the head in her mouth, her lips pulling at the rim, her tongue moving across the underside. She couldn’t remember the last time she had time to enjoy a man, or be enjoyed, she felt a twinge of sadness again 

He stroked her hair and her cheeks, groaning softly with pleasure. Every instinct told him to take her hard, fuck her up, but he didn't... he hadn't felt like this in years. And she's a PK squad leader too, someone he saw breaking the nose of a man more than twice her size only hours into the jump. His manhood throbbed hotly as she pleasured it, he groaned again as her mouth moved on him with such tenderness – so rare for a grunt, who usually had to take his pleasures through whores or... there wasn't a man among the grunts who hadn't been part of breaking a female captive through rape and torture, but some of them liked it more than others... it was difficult though when the orders included … he pushed those thoughts away... and even Jessica's light teasing felt better than any of that to Nick.

She moved down, her tongue flicking at the underside, her fingers gently pulling at his balls she stroked under his sac, and dipped then sliding back up her teeth gently grazing his skin, dipping again it touched the roof of her mouth. She could feel that he could only barely contain himself and refrain from thrusting down her throat. His cock was huge and warm in her mouth, filling her almost completely. But then he pulled out, and gently but firmly pushed her backwards to the floor.

She looked then into his dark eyes her arms reaching toward him, legs falling open to allow him close, she felt his weight upon her. She craned her neck up to kiss him. 

He thrust inside.

She lay back feeling the joy of first opening, of the fullness inside her, the feeling of completeness, she cried out, a tiny yelp, arching her back and then down again to raise her head and look at him, he was big, thankfully. The academy had been hard on Jessica too, another difficult memory.

He pulled her hands over her head, holding them there, Jessica squeezed on him, far tighter, than Maeve could have, she had not seen or experienced everything Maeve had, but she had seen enough, more than enough. She squeezed herself on him, wanting him to have to push inside, to feel her resistance, she leant up to kiss him though. Sometimes it is possible to be happy.

Nick took her more forcefully, pushing deeper into her. He pulled back, thrust back in, and again. Strong, big and powerful... in the position she was now, she probably couldn't have stopped him if she had wanted to. He groaned with lust and pleasure as he took her with powerful strokes.

Jessica yielded, taking each stroke, she whimpered with pleasure, biting her lower lip, why couldn’t all men be as this? She moved on him, meeting his thrusts and squeezing and milking him inside, her legs wrapped around him, to pull him in, she tried to move a hand to touch his face but he held her tight.

Jessica felt such joy at the sensations of his movement inside her, the pressure of his weight upon her, she felt alive, she felt, for a moment at least, not a Squad Leader, not even Corps. She entwined her tongue with his, pressing her hips up to meet his thrusts, squeezing him more, wanting all of him inside. As he thrust again, she winced as the head of his penis brushed her cervix.

As she winced he began to pull his strokes back, though he wanted desperately to give her his entire length, then as she pushed up to meet him, and being careful not to hurt her, he could not hold back and thrust in deeper and harder, taking her completely, the crimson light of hyperspace pulsing around them, red lights and shadows across their skin. His grunts of pleasure grew louder, and while he strained to make himself last, she could tell it wouldn't be long for him now. Feeling him grow close,  she tilted her hips back, causing him to rub near her opening, against her firmness, her ridges before her softness, she closed her eyes, hoping she could catch him up. She rocked, tasting him, feeling him, clasping him inside.

His pace increased, fucking her hard now, driving his cock in deep with every stroke, loving her tightness around him. She could tell he was really making an effort to last. Impressive, considering the circumstances – he probably hadn't had a woman in months, and yet he cared about her pleasure to. “You're amazing...” he grunted as he thrust into her, then kissed her hard once more.

She kissed him back, fiercely, she could feel the waves rising too, grateful he was holding on. She felt the waves rising, as he ground against her, she felt him too beginning to twitch, felt him trying to hold on as she tried to let go. She began to tremble.

Joy rose in him at her trembles of pleasure, and it gave him a final reserve of resolve to keep going, despite how close he was, how his cock spasmed and swelled. He grunted hard as he fucked her with long, powerful strokes, pinning her in place beneath him. Almost all his self-control now gone.

He held on. Jessica felt relief as she began, she felt the ripples inside and her tremors grow, she felt the heat on her and clasped him inside, her tremors transmitting to him, she cried out in joy, just for a moment, her small hands clenching, her thighs closing around him pulling him tight.

As she cried out, he let all self-control go, and thrust into her wildly a few final times, before tensing, grunting loudly as he climaxed, shooting hot semen into her in long spurts.

Jessica continued to tremble squeezing and milking him inside, her legs still tightly wrapped around him craning her neck up to kiss again and again as he flooded into her. If she were a silly girl she could love him... how did such a thought enter her head? She lay back, smiling, for a moment anyway, happy, at least until duty returned. 

Eventually, he pulled out, semen seeping from Jessica's sex to the deck. Only now did he let go of her wrist, and stroke her cheeks, kissing her more lightly. “That was... great,” he said, grinning a little sheepishly.

She reached up to touch his face and smiled again, "Thank you". Then her look hardened once more, she had responsibilities, she had duties, she looked down at herself, relishing the moment, wishing she could have kept him inside. She grabbed her uniform again.         
He saw her look, and nodded, understanding. “I hope I can see you again,” he said, giving her a final kiss. “You don't have to be a Squad Leader all the time...”        
She watched him go, smoothing back her uniform, wet inside, but drying, the fabrics specially designed to absorb sweat and other bodily fluids.  "Yes" she whispered, leaning against the viewport and with moist eyes looked out into the red maelstrom.

But ‘tomorrow'? Who knew what kind of reckoning awaited? When the artificial dawn came and they all descended?


(to be continued...)

Friday, 21 October 2011

KITE: Chapter Two (Part 2)


The others returned in dribs and drabs, Faizah and Alison together, fingers touching as the entered, Maia as always alone, silent. Jessica alone too, her face clouded she called the squad together.

“Section Commander Rand has informed me there will be training before planetfall.” She lloked around at the faces of her squad. “It has been decided .. that the training will be counter interrogation “

There was a rumble of concern amongst the squad then, always bad news, unpleasant enough by itself it did not augur well for the mission. She watched their faces, Maeve disinterested as always, Dayna’s smirk hiding only perhaps a bigger smile.

Inwardly Dayna’s smile turned even more wicked. Oh yes... the counter-interrogation... she had the highest level of interrogation studies in the squad, and was almost always assigned to the counter-interrogation training sessions as chief interrogator. “This will be fun...”

“I’ve been given only one name for subject of the training, and that is...” Jessica paused, this was never good news, and today, she was not sure she approved of the selected candidate. “Trooper Kavan.”

Catherine’s wail of distress was pitiful to hear, as she turned and rushed away to throw herself to her bunk. The reaction of the rest if the squad was muted, her wail hiding Dayna’s snigger but eliciting almost no response from the other troopers,  none watched her, relieved to have not been selected themselves, they waited to hear who had been assigned interrogator duties.

“Interrogator duties have been left to my discretion.” Jessica continued, Dayna could feel the excitement bubbling up inside her... oohhh Catherine and so soon, life is GOOD.
“I have assigned Corporal Lund. Training will commence at 21:00 hours ship time, everyone else, your time is your own.”

Jessica sat on one of the transit containers, as the others went to their bunks or left again, alone she watched Catherine, until she couldn’t any longer, and she too silently slipped away.

Dayna watched her leave, thinking now maybe she understood Maeve’s resentment of the little bitch, to deny her like that. She looked at Maia… Maia? Interrogator? What a joke!


Jessica found herself at the viewing deck again, looking out into the red and orange, billowing like clouds or smoke or flames themselves. She found she felt very tired, that she didn’t want to stand and so she sat, as the red light played across her small face looking up at times, unable to at others, wondering if the cat would come again.

It seemed like a lot of time passed, she found herself toying with her boots, was she waiting? Something hurt deep, deep inside.

Eventually there was that rich voice behind her again. “Ma’am… are you ok?”

She thought a moment, but refrained from reminding him of his rank, “Trooper Harrington.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He approached behind her, still thinking of the previous night, his finger tips gently touching her hair, but she leaned, twisted away at the light touch.

‘I pushed too hard, too fast’, the though flashed in his mind, it’s easy to forget when you’re used to taking what you want, or … or doing what’s expected of you. He still wanted her, wanted to touch her so badly.

Jessica leaned away, turned to look at him, her pale eyes wavering and then sliding away, how could she say she did not want to be touched, could not stand to feel human contact, tonight of all nights? How could she say how much duty hurt?

“Can I sit with you ma’am?”

She nodded, backing away to the viewing port, watching the man as he sat beside her, strong muscles, but lithe, smooth face, smooth skin, not pockmarked clear eyes, not the yellow , this man was not riddled with drugs like most of the grunts. Dark clear eyes. They sat, watching the red and each other. Several times he shifted, his anxiety palpable, no less than her own she was sure.

“Talk to me ma’am?” he reached out a hand to touch her leg, instinctively she pulled away, curling up to hold her shins and rest her chin on her knees.

How could she stand to be touched? She knew what Maia was doing to Catherine, what she had ordered Maia to do. Part of her almost wanted Catherine to snap, at least that would get her away from combat, get her back to Corps HeadQuarters, get her out of her own hell and out of the way of the rest of the squad.

“What can I say to you?”

“Anything..” he paused, “what hurts?”

“Life.” Her pale eyes flashed to him again.

“Then talk to me about life…how did you get here?”

“I was born.”

“Aw now ma’am, you know what I mean.”


Miyuki lay on her bunk and wept, she hated herself, hated her weakness, and her hatred.

Jessica was gone again, she should be protecting them, she hated Jessica too now, a Squad Leader should protect her team, but Miyuki had noticed that Jessica could hardly stand to be in the barracks, was gone whenever duties allowed, even at night. She had a feeling Jessica hardly slept anymore. Maeve was gone too, as soon as Jessica had left, had slipped out, she hated Maeve too because she knew Maeve simply didn’t care.

She lay and listened to Alison and Faizah, as they lay together on Alison’s bunk above her. Their light moans and soft sighs, the quiet whisper of their gentle brushing kisses and caresses. So different from what Dayna wanted.

She hated their care, their love for each other, their delicate wet sounds, their light breath, cooing calming voices, that they could love each other while she lay beneath them in fear and despair and loneliness.

She lay alone on her bunk beneath the gentleness and tenderness just inches above her and hated herself… she knew where Catherine was now, and what Maia was most likely doing to her, and she felt shame, Catherine had the right to fear and hurt too, they all did. She lay on her bunk her face damp, the fear tight in her chest, she had resented Catherine’s fear and despair when she had been at Dayna’s mercy and wished her suffering onto Catherine, and now it was, she hated herself all the more..


It hurt.

Each time the probe approached flesh and the arc of bright energy burst from the probe’s forked tip to flesh with a snapping sound and the smell of ozone, she flinched.

It hurt.

So uncomfortable, so distressing…so… disappointing, Maia was doing it ALL WRONG. Dayna shifted uneasily as she watched Catherine scream under Maia’s probe. There was no menace, no threat, just Maia’s calm voice and the briefest of touches on Catherine’s skin, she’d only taken the probe near Catherine’s nipples twice since they’d started.What kind of anti-interrogation training was THIS?

This wasn’t counter-interrogation training, this was tickling.

She couldn’t take it any longer, stepping forward and touching the probe, she looked into Maia’s empty eyes, before finally feeling the relief of turning her attention to Catherine.

“It’s time for foreplay, precious!” She touched the probe to Catherine’s hood.


Jessica watched him, why would she talk to this man? She sighed and looked at her boots again, one leg falling to the side, he shifted again uneasily, did she not know what she was doing? And yet she seemed unaware, absentmindedly grabbing a narrow impractical heel. Why should she not?

“Corps took me from Gauda Prime.”

He nodded, shifting his position to face her, the red behind her, silhouetting her small frame, as she continued.
“My parents settled there before I was born, took one of the Government settler loans like everyone was encouraged to, testing themselves on the New Worlds, extending humanity’s frontiers.

“Life had been hard for them on the inner planets, everyone said the frontier worlds offered new lives, new opportunities, they took the loans to pay for transit, tools, a one room housing  unit, seed, fertilizer, everything they thought they’d need. Set off full of dreams and hope, my sister Rebecca barely walking.

“Except...” she looked up, he could see it was a difficult memory, but her eyes were dry. “Except there was no food on Gauda Prime nor earth enough to grow any, each year there was not enough to sustain us let alone repay the loans. My father bought more land, more loans, cleared the sparse shrubs, tried to grow enough for us to live. But all that grows on Gauda Prime is moss and lichen and shrubs barely wider than my arm.

“We ate the moss, we ate the lichen, even tried to eat the bark and small animals.

“But there was never enough, no matter how much we worked or how far we searched. We had to scavenge, looking further and further from home. I learned to forage and to track, and to hide.

“When my younger sister Rachel was lost, we never knew what happened, whether one of the gangs had… had taken her... “

Nick looked up, “The gangs?”, but a sharp shake of her head told him not to press the point, he saw her shoulders rise and fall in a silent sigh. He wondered for a moment why this woman was different. Why he felt differently.

“Or… or the indiginous Skrell.

“We cried, we searched, it broke our hearts, broke my father’s spirit, we all cried but there was almost relief in their eyes even as they fought against the thought… of one less mouth to feed.

“Then there comes a day when any money lender stops lending and wants their money back.

“There was no food to live, let alone to sell, there was no money to buy more land, no money for tools, or fertiliser or seed, but EarthGov wanted payment.

“My family had nothing, the house barely kept out the wind let alone the driving Gauda Prime rains. My elder sister Rebecca took the fever and died that winter, but Earthgov still needed payment.

“I was all they had left.

“And that was when EarthGov took me. To pay my parents debt.

“That was how I last saw them, on that barren grey land, Rebecca gone, Rachel lost, alone, but finally debt free.”

He wanted to touch her, hold her, but he could see the futility of that.

“I was lean, wiry, agile, even then, and Earth needed troops, needs troops, and since they... they owned me, they could do what they wanted, they took me into the Corps… and there they taught me…

“They taught me to survive.”

Finally the pain was too much and Catherine passed out, Dayna’s frustration overcame her, she held the probe against Catherine’s clitoris, her body twitching under the crackling energy but there were no more sounds, no more cries, or gasps, no more whimpers, she held the probe longer, until.. until a draft of steam wafted the smell of burning flesh to her nostrils.

That was some consolation, she started to push the probe inside when a thin pale hand took hold of her arm. Her head snapped to the side to see who was daring to interrupt... blue eyes, dead eyes, she was still convinced nothing lay beyond them, and yet, somehow she knew it would be a mistake to resist, Maia wordlessly took the probe from her, placing it in her own belt.

Instinctively Dayna took a step back as Maia moved between her and her toy, silently covering Catherine’s nakedness again and releasing her from the restraints. She lifted the tiny girl from the framework and carried her away.


Nick sat, still watching, but Jessica seemed to be withdrawing again.

“I’m a kite, the wind blows me and I follow where it takes me… but always held, always on a string all the same.”

When she turned away again, he knew their second night was over, he slipped silently away as the red played on her features again, he paused a moment though to watch her from the darkness, but he had nothing to say.

(Chapter Three to follow when images are completed)