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KITE: Chapter Three (Part 1)

Chapter Three
The Last Night

On the last night, Maeve and Jessica left them alone again.

Each knew as none slept, for they knew it was the last night before the descent. For a while they lay awake, sleepless, waiting, alone. Miyuki heard Alison leave her bunk and enter Faizah’s, heard their soft sounds, gentle breathing and she knew she wanted to live.

Dayna heard these sounds too and saw the shapes in the dark as Catherine silently entered Maia’s bed, saw Maia’s face turn toward the scant piece of flesh trying to join her, saw them pause, then the covers lift, an arm go around Catherine, pushed away wordlessly as she slid down between Maia’s legs.

The injustice made her very angry.

“Toy!” she shouted, enjoying the silence as the others paused.

“Toy! Pleasure me!”


She looked out into the red again and this time she found herself hoping he would come again, waiting for the calm, rich voice.

She knew his sounds this time, and though he approached as quietly as before she knew he was there before she felt his fingers on the small of her back. She tensed all the same, her skin rising in goosebumps, her eyes closing. His strong hand teasing her hair aside to uncover her neck he kissed her just below the ear.

“Am I such a fool?” she asked herself, but who knew what tomorrow would bring? It was difficult for Corps to touch or be touched, but difficult also to be alone, and who knew how much more time there was?

She let him turn her towards him, if tomorrow were to be the last day?

He kissed her again, she put her hands against his chest, pushed, but this time there was no strength, no will to resist. This time she kissed him back, her lips moving gently on his, pulling at his lower lip, enjoying his taste, oen hand moving behind him, the other to touch his face. 

He began to peel off her thin uniform, seeming to know his way around the bodysuit, peeling it open to expose her breasts and her taut belly, stroking one hand down her flank as he kissed her cheek, her neck, working his way down.

She yielded, a light sigh escaping her lips, as he kissed her neck. She briefly thought how unwise were their actions, but it had been a long time since she had known tenderness, felt like forever, as his kisses passed lower she briefly rested her head on his, her hands slipping down his combat suit, stroking his shoulders, his back..

He cupped and kissed her breasts, taking her nipples in his mouth in turn, biting gently and then flicking with his tongue, feeling them grow firmer, and then slowly working his way down across her taut stomach, exploring the defined muscles. He pulled her uniform down further, exposing her sex, and stroked a finger across her mound and lips. She sighed again as his finger touched her warm softness, discovering that after all, she wanted this, biting her lower lip, resisting an urge to move her hips, to brush herself more firmly against his finger.

He began to kiss and lick her, his finger stroking her lips gently, each side and then parting them. She’d known men who would never kiss the sex of PK... and it was not as if all the rumours about what the girls endured at the academy, and later, were false. He pressed in a little deeper with his fingertip as his lips closed over her hood and then pulled gently. 
She let out a long light moan and trembled a little, it had been a long time since something felt good, her fingers stroked his ears, his hair, gently pulling him to her, she felt warm. “He knows what he’s doing”, she felt herself being brought along, moistening on this tongue as he slipped a finger inside her.

He was starting to grow more eager, a little rougher as he pressed a second strong finger into her, slowly pushing both in deeper... testing her? All the while, nibbling at her hood, as well… as well as any man she'd ever known, his tongue now lifting the hood, finding her bud, teasingly gentle, swirling around, flicking and swirling again.

She pulled him to her more firmly, pressing herself to his lips and tongue. In the Corps, they take a lot from you, they can make it hard ... to experience pleasure, but his tongue on her was good, so pleasurable, as his fingers explored inside her, she felt dampness on her thighs, was it hers or from his mouth? It didn’t matter.

Time passed – beyond their awareness, drifting, swirling even as his tongue moved around her bud, eventually he stood up, running his strong hands – oh strong! - up her sides, and then he kissed her again, rougher than before, and she could taste herself on his lips. He guided her hands to the crotch of his combat suit, where she could feel his excitement too.

She licked her lips, enjoyed her taste on him, she stroked him and smiled, words sprang to mind but she suppressed them this wasn’t the time to be PK, she stroked his shape, and reached inside, her slender fingers touching his manhood very lightly. He grunted, desperately hungry for more, but he managed to contain himself, to let her continue at her pace. She felt his hot breath on her skin.

She stroked his flesh, the size was good, and he was smooth, she pulled apart his fatigues so that she could see. “He’s clean this one”, she stroked more and then fell to her knees, leaning forward to kiss the tip. Her breath light on him, tickling the skin of his manhood, her lips lightly brushing.

He groaned and for a moment he almost wished he was the kind of man who'd brag about his conquests to the others. Not that he never had, but this was special. His hands stroked her hair and cheeks, the small twitches in his fingers telling of his struggle to keep from simply grabbing her and slamming in deep and hard.

She kissed again and again, small butterfly kisses, she felt his fingers twitch, his excitement build and she pressed her tongue at the hole, Her lips moving to pull a little on the head, her fingers stroking down to his sac, teasingly gentle.

She licked then, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum, then pulled back, a little string of fluid between her lips and him, and she smiled, smoothing it from him with her finger to bring it to her lips. She dipped forward again this time taking the head in her mouth, her lips pulling at the rim, her tongue moving across the underside. She couldn’t remember the last time she had time to enjoy a man, or be enjoyed, she felt a twinge of sadness again 

He stroked her hair and her cheeks, groaning softly with pleasure. Every instinct told him to take her hard, fuck her up, but he didn't... he hadn't felt like this in years. And she's a PK squad leader too, someone he saw breaking the nose of a man more than twice her size only hours into the jump. His manhood throbbed hotly as she pleasured it, he groaned again as her mouth moved on him with such tenderness – so rare for a grunt, who usually had to take his pleasures through whores or... there wasn't a man among the grunts who hadn't been part of breaking a female captive through rape and torture, but some of them liked it more than others... it was difficult though when the orders included … he pushed those thoughts away... and even Jessica's light teasing felt better than any of that to Nick.

She moved down, her tongue flicking at the underside, her fingers gently pulling at his balls she stroked under his sac, and dipped then sliding back up her teeth gently grazing his skin, dipping again it touched the roof of her mouth. She could feel that he could only barely contain himself and refrain from thrusting down her throat. His cock was huge and warm in her mouth, filling her almost completely. But then he pulled out, and gently but firmly pushed her backwards to the floor.

She looked then into his dark eyes her arms reaching toward him, legs falling open to allow him close, she felt his weight upon her. She craned her neck up to kiss him. 

He thrust inside.

She lay back feeling the joy of first opening, of the fullness inside her, the feeling of completeness, she cried out, a tiny yelp, arching her back and then down again to raise her head and look at him, he was big, thankfully. The academy had been hard on Jessica too, another difficult memory.

He pulled her hands over her head, holding them there, Jessica squeezed on him, far tighter, than Maeve could have, she had not seen or experienced everything Maeve had, but she had seen enough, more than enough. She squeezed herself on him, wanting him to have to push inside, to feel her resistance, she leant up to kiss him though. Sometimes it is possible to be happy.

Nick took her more forcefully, pushing deeper into her. He pulled back, thrust back in, and again. Strong, big and powerful... in the position she was now, she probably couldn't have stopped him if she had wanted to. He groaned with lust and pleasure as he took her with powerful strokes.

Jessica yielded, taking each stroke, she whimpered with pleasure, biting her lower lip, why couldn’t all men be as this? She moved on him, meeting his thrusts and squeezing and milking him inside, her legs wrapped around him, to pull him in, she tried to move a hand to touch his face but he held her tight.

Jessica felt such joy at the sensations of his movement inside her, the pressure of his weight upon her, she felt alive, she felt, for a moment at least, not a Squad Leader, not even Corps. She entwined her tongue with his, pressing her hips up to meet his thrusts, squeezing him more, wanting all of him inside. As he thrust again, she winced as the head of his penis brushed her cervix.

As she winced he began to pull his strokes back, though he wanted desperately to give her his entire length, then as she pushed up to meet him, and being careful not to hurt her, he could not hold back and thrust in deeper and harder, taking her completely, the crimson light of hyperspace pulsing around them, red lights and shadows across their skin. His grunts of pleasure grew louder, and while he strained to make himself last, she could tell it wouldn't be long for him now. Feeling him grow close,  she tilted her hips back, causing him to rub near her opening, against her firmness, her ridges before her softness, she closed her eyes, hoping she could catch him up. She rocked, tasting him, feeling him, clasping him inside.

His pace increased, fucking her hard now, driving his cock in deep with every stroke, loving her tightness around him. She could tell he was really making an effort to last. Impressive, considering the circumstances – he probably hadn't had a woman in months, and yet he cared about her pleasure to. “You're amazing...” he grunted as he thrust into her, then kissed her hard once more.

She kissed him back, fiercely, she could feel the waves rising too, grateful he was holding on. She felt the waves rising, as he ground against her, she felt him too beginning to twitch, felt him trying to hold on as she tried to let go. She began to tremble.

Joy rose in him at her trembles of pleasure, and it gave him a final reserve of resolve to keep going, despite how close he was, how his cock spasmed and swelled. He grunted hard as he fucked her with long, powerful strokes, pinning her in place beneath him. Almost all his self-control now gone.

He held on. Jessica felt relief as she began, she felt the ripples inside and her tremors grow, she felt the heat on her and clasped him inside, her tremors transmitting to him, she cried out in joy, just for a moment, her small hands clenching, her thighs closing around him pulling him tight.

As she cried out, he let all self-control go, and thrust into her wildly a few final times, before tensing, grunting loudly as he climaxed, shooting hot semen into her in long spurts.

Jessica continued to tremble squeezing and milking him inside, her legs still tightly wrapped around him craning her neck up to kiss again and again as he flooded into her. If she were a silly girl she could love him... how did such a thought enter her head? She lay back, smiling, for a moment anyway, happy, at least until duty returned. 

Eventually, he pulled out, semen seeping from Jessica's sex to the deck. Only now did he let go of her wrist, and stroke her cheeks, kissing her more lightly. “That was... great,” he said, grinning a little sheepishly.

She reached up to touch his face and smiled again, "Thank you". Then her look hardened once more, she had responsibilities, she had duties, she looked down at herself, relishing the moment, wishing she could have kept him inside. She grabbed her uniform again.         
He saw her look, and nodded, understanding. “I hope I can see you again,” he said, giving her a final kiss. “You don't have to be a Squad Leader all the time...”        
She watched him go, smoothing back her uniform, wet inside, but drying, the fabrics specially designed to absorb sweat and other bodily fluids.  "Yes" she whispered, leaning against the viewport and with moist eyes looked out into the red maelstrom.

But ‘tomorrow'? Who knew what kind of reckoning awaited? When the artificial dawn came and they all descended?


(to be continued...)


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