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KITE: The Beginning (Part2)

Maeve headed down towards engineering, the sound of drunken shouting growing louder, just as she knew it would, so stupid, so predictable, so masculine, so horny, she opened the door, there they were - always the same, big drunken grunts, in a big drunken mess, she only hoped.. not too drunk. She strode into the middle... "Did you grunts say something to us earlier?"

The shouting stopped and en masse the pride of the ship’s masculinity turned to gawp, unsure of her angle but a rising certainty did form in what passed for their minds –“She's not leaving here unfucked!”

Men started to move around her, cutting off any way for her to escape. The biggest of them, and enormous black man, stepped up to Maeve, leering. "Yeah... us grunts... want cunt.” He pulled down her briefs a little, her labia clearly outlined through the thin suit. “See ya brought us one...” tearing off her briefs.

Maeve watched, smiling, she put a hand on his chest, "Well PK wants Dk" she paused. "Do… you… understand?" she added, very VERY slowly. Mirroring Jessica's move elsewhere, she shifted her weight to one leg, drawing one hand up the inside of her thigh towards her very visible lips.           

The men's leers widened as they close around Maeve. “Oh, we know what girls like you need...” the giant black grunt said, and put his huge hands on her buttocks. “Some real men after all that time with the other ladies... guess you need a cock, not just a pretty little tongue, eh?” He pulled her against him, lifting her hips up, and ground himself against her.


Jessica paused, looked back out into the red. “We don’t go anywhere unless there’s something to fight... even if it can’t be fought. Some things...” she stopped and bowed her head. “sometimes you have to go into hell.

“We were at Fosforon Outpost, it was supposed to be a simple mining colony but they were all dead, settlers,  Governor, mobile infantry, marines everyone was dead, but they needed the Volovax ore.. they sent us in to get it.

“Some how... somehow it came through the walls... like a hot wind – how do you fight something you can’t see?. It doesn’t matter sometimes, how fast, how strong or how tough you are.

“Sometimes you wake things that can’t be beaten.

“We fought.. some of us…  died, we took the Volovax and ran, half the Section dead, now here I am Squad Leader.” She looked out again into the red, its lights playing across her young face.

“Damn... and here I had a vision of you battling some kind of alien monster,” Nick said, sounding sympathetic no matter how much he tried to conceal it under a tough surface. He put his big, strong hands on her upper arms, but gently. “I'm not much of a talker... well, the others would say I'm some kind of Shakespeare, if they knew who he was... but if you would like someone you can see and touch...” He looked down into her eyes


Maeve ground back and then shoved him away” Don’t damage the whites” she smirked and pulled off her gloves, reaching to her neck she began to peel down her catsuit, pausing at the waist, she smiled again and tugged the front down.

Impatient, the huge black man swept the improvised bar-desk clean with one arm, sending half-full glasses shattering to the floor, and then turning Maeve he slammed her upper body down on it. His strong legs spread hers wide apart, while other men grabbed her wrists. The grunt didn't bother with anything beyond opening his fly, and extracted his huge dark cock, big enough to impress even Maeve as she caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of her eye. Then he slammed it into her, without a hint of foreplay or tenderness. This wasn't lovemaking, just fucking, fucking like beasts.


Jessica looked into his eyes “There’s monsters and there’s Monsters.. and some of them can’t be beaten.” His eyes looked kind, that’s an unusual thing these days, raised her hand to touch his hip “and there are worse things than dying.”


Maeve grunted, the side of her face hard on the bar-desk as he entered her, his big fat hand pressing her head down to its hard surface, he slammed into her, she grunted again at the force, not completely numb there, she could still feel a little, her muscles tensed squeezing him loosely.

“Yes”, she grunted again ” Fuck... Fuck.. me”. A laugh escaped her “Corps.... Corps wants more!”

The huge black soldier slammed into Maeve. He didn't like her laugh. He wanted to make her squeal and whimper, maybe even beg for the mercy he'd never grant. "These uppity bitches!" he wanted to put her in her proper place!

She felt herself opened and close, then opened again as the grunt fucked her, she grunted again, the force expelling air from her but no weakness. Then there was a cock in front of her face, she snacked at it, playfully, “Not afraid – UH!” air driven out again as he thrust inside her, “Not afraid I’ll – UH – bite it  off? UHH!”

“You want more, bitch?!” The grunt in front of her grabbed her cheeks, pulled her mouth open, and thrust his cock in between her lips. He showed no mercy or tenderness intent on thrusting down her throat.

“UH!” Maeve rocked with the force of the big grunts thrusts, her thighs pressed against the edge of the table, she squeezed on him again, not tight, she had be well used... and ill-used many times before.

She took the new one in her mouth, and bit, just a little, and laughed around him.  He started, pulled away a little, a small yelp escaping him, provoking a ripple of laughter among the other grunts. Hearing them he grabbed hold of her face, roughly forcing her mouth further still, keeping her jaws too far apart to bite. He slammed his cock into her, abusing her mouth and throat. The big man, meanwhile, still wanting to break her and make her squeal,  pulled out of her, and started to force himself against her anus instead, stretching her hard. Fiery raw, Maeve felt him enter... dry... now she felt that! But that, that was nothing, they couldn’t even begin to dream what she’d taken. She tightened... she actually tightened on him, even dry.

Around them, the other grunts were getting ready to join.


“There are better things than dying, too,” Nick said, and traced a finger up her neck, to her cheek, touching her skin for the first time. He looked into her pale eyes, saw the tremor there, uncertainty? ...or? There were rumours of what was done with... to... corps girls.

The other cock passed into her throat, hah, she’d taken longer... and fatter than that before, she barely even gagged, she was a long way from the little girl who puked when they trained her back at the Corps academy, that little girl was long gone, and long forgotten, you could almost say long dead…she could take what they had, take what all of them had.

The grunts seemed to take Maeve's toughness as a challenge, and around her, the others started to chant “Break the bitch! Break the bitch!” Sensing that it was going to take more than they were already doing, the two men pulled her off the table, down on her knees, straddling a third grunt who already has his penis in hand. He thrust it inside her vagina, the three grunts all entering her with all their strength. They wanted a story to tell, of how they completely broke a PK bitch.

She actually pushed down... pressed down onto the black grunt and this new one. Her hands reached out towards the other men, she would have smiled if she could but her mouth was held open by the cock of which she reached the base, her nose pressed into his pubes...”They smell” she thought... “of sweat and urine and masturbation”,. Saliva ran down her chin as she stuck out her tongue to lick his sac.

The dirty, filthy grunts kept abusing her, slapping and spanking her body. Their stamina was almost disappointing, though – after a long quarantine with no shore-leave before this mission, they were starved for sex, and it was not long before each of the men using her climaxed.

Someone spat on her face, and the saliva trickled down into her eye.  She laughed then in the short pause before the cock in her mouth was replaced. “Is that all you have?”  She looked at the grunt responsible.. not even blinking. The saliva ran in, thick, and still she stared, this group were disappointingly weak.


"Our kind of life", Nick said, "don't last long." 

His arms reached around Jessica’s shoulders, she looked down at them, stepped a little toward him as he closed them around her.


Maeve started to bounce, not just pushing but actively slamming down to meet their thrusts. They had no idea, trying to break Maeve through the kind of means that might work on civilians – brutal fucking, degrading words, spanks and slaps... and the black man who had her first seemed to have been the largest of the bunch!

Simple multiple-penetration, she laughed inwardly again, as though that could come anywhere close to breaking someone who'd been through the PK counter-interrogation programme half a dozen times! Then, someone pulled out his cock, and holding her mouth open and nose pinched closed, urinated in her mouth.   

She drank, didn’t they know there’d been times when they survived on this in the PK? Simple creatures these grunts, she slammed down again, beckoning more again, just warming up, heat building inside her from the rubbing,  she felt a little moist but it was probably just their semen inside her.. she wondered how much they could give.

The one thing that made this trip even worthwhile was the pure number – they didn't last long, but there was always a new, hard cock to replace the ones that pulled back, and they seemed to be ready for two or three tries each. It was easy to lose count of the grunts as they filled her. She started though to see frustration on their faces, from their inability to break her and reduce her to a heap of whimpering female flesh. The slaps came harder and faster now, on her ass, cheeks and breasts, making them blush red.

Almost despite herself, Jessica let him hold her close, the firmness of his body surprisingly pleasurable, pressing her whole length against him, her face turned up to his, she yielded.. she couldn’t remember when that last  happened

"Can't be afraid to be alive", he said resting his chin a moment against her temple.

He held her tight knowing he held the advantage now... if he cared to use it... that there was no room for her to use her speed or his own strength and weight against him. 


“Mmmm, better” Maeve thought, none of them knew the things they taught at the academy, but at least there was quantity. She slammed down again and again and then began to tremble, closing her legs on the man inside her cunt… she let out a little whimper.. wondering if they were fool enough to believe it.

“Nearly there, Man!” one of the grunts shouted as they 'forced' the whimper from Maeve, and it had some good effect – they seemed even more eager, fucking her harder than ever. The black man was back, his huge cock filling her mouth as he slowly forced it down her throat. Two other grunts spread her ass-cheeks wide, and managed to position themselves to push both their cocks into her rectum.

Maeve whimpered again, laughing inwardly, she prepared to push back with all her might when they entered her. They’ll do this bunch, this poor senseless helpless bunch of idiots. And at least they’re not pencil dicks... at least she could feel them… a little, as another of the grunts twitched inside her, yes at least there was enough meat there to feel, she squeezed loosely on him.

The other men blasted their loads on her body – her skin becoming increasingly slick with semen. The giant black man pulled back, and blasted a huge load into her face, deliberately aiming for her eyes.   


Nick looked again into Jessica’s pale eyes, wondering how old she was, looking older perhaps after what she'd seen. Still trembling he wondered what he saw in them, desire maybe, he thought perhaps she desired and feared, loved and hated, and quite possibly didn't know the difference.

He closed his hand over her chin and raised her face to his. His touch was firm, without waiting for her response, he leant in and kissed her, pulling her body against his firmly. She tipped a little towards him.


Maeve’s eyes remained open, even as the thick cum hit them, even as it pooled there, “It’s nothing, these men know nothing”. She whimpered again as she felt the men behind her push as the one inside her cunt wilted and pushed back with all her strength, toppling them, they fell, one sliding out the other still inside her, she landed on him, as heavily as she could, “You believed it!” she laughed.
One of the grunts backhanded her across the face then – angry and frustrated now, emasculated by their failure to break her. The oldest of the bunch, a grizzled man with a cruel glint in his eyes, pushed the men using her aside. “Ah now her type...” he drawled, “an' how to break them in proper.” Instead of starting to fuck her he pressed three fingers up each of her anus and vagina, thrusting in hard, then worked in a fourth in either. He thrust them back and forth for a few strokes, and then folded in his thumbs, pressing both of his hands into her.           

Maeve grunted again, "FINALLY!". There’s a reason she’s so slack, these grunts don’t even know the half of it. Finally there was something inside that could touch her. She rocked back, grunting again, the cum in her from all the other men lubricating his fists, finally, she felt full. 

The grizzled veteran grunted with surprise as Maeve seemed to enjoy what he was doing. He pushed both hands in to the wrists, balling up his hands inside her, and starting to fuck her his fists and lower arms moving like pistons.  

She rocked back onto him “Finally!” she said, grunting, his fists rubbing inside her, finally full, she rocked back, the cum of previous men leaking each time she pushed or dragged out each time she pulled away. Finally she felt something strong.

The man pumped her hard, working her as fast and rough as he could, and although in prime condition, it's a tough job. After several minutes, he pulled back – his arms burning from the effort. And then the giant black man took his place, and started to push huge, dark fists into her. Around them, most of the grunts were spent by now, each of them having climaxed in or on her several times.
Maeve began to think, that maybe these men would be enough, maybe after all, together, all of them are enough... for once, she felt them push deep inside, hit her cervix, there was a time she would have yelped at that.. long ago.. Corps took that weakness away... made her strong. If only they weren’t all so WEAK. But maybe this one? He really was the find of this bunch – huge, strong and in great shape, pounding Maeve's holes with brutal power. If he couldn't make her climax, none of the others would come close. As he continued to pound, the last of the grunts drained themselves in her mouth, except the older veteran who aimed straight at her face instead, into her open eyes.

She barely blinked, ‘that’s part of first week training’.  and took it all, idly thinking on how something that would break others can become something one needs, strange what one can need to feel alive, she pushed back.

The pounding was good, hitting some of the right spots, maybe this time? She felt the warmth on her face running down her neck. This black one was a find alright, maybe she might even use him again.

The huge trooper grunted louder with effort as he tried to pound her if not into submission, then at least to orgasm. There was hardly an inch of her body not covered with semen or worse. His black skin was growing slick with sweat as she pushed him to the limits of his power.

Sensing the grunt weakening  shouted “Come one - you’ve got more than that haven’t you?”
She pounded backwards onto him herself, “Anybody? IS that all there is?”, she reached towards the other men, but they slouched back, spent. “You useless...”

The black man finally pulled back, gasping from the effort, spent... and with him unable to do it for her, none of the others even would even attempt. “Hnnh... f-fuck!” he groaned. “You should go fuck one of the pistons down at the engine deck, c-cunt...” None of the men met her gaze. 

Maeve stood, looking at them all in disgust, their fluids trickled from her, thick white, frothy from the continuous pounding, she wiped it up with one hand and tasted it.. “I guess that’s all you have.. all these grunts.. can’t finish ONE PK cunt”. She grabbed the uniform of the black grunt.. “You did the best”, wiping the urine and semen from her face and body on his uniform as her gape slowly, slowly closed. “Here’s your prize” as she tossed it in his face. 

The grunts could maybe still have beaten Maeve, maybe there were enough of them for that – maybe they even wondered the next day why they hadn't – but for now they were beaten. Worse, they were crushed, emasculated... some of them seemingly unable to believe that a woman could go through what they put her through. The next women they had would suffer as they reasserted themselves, but none of them even thought of that now.


“No-one else is going to come in here,” Nick murmured in Jessica’s ear, as he all but crushed her body against his. “I want you...” He pushed forwards towards, his hand sliding to the small of her back.

She stumbled a little at the forcefulness of his pressing against her ‘til they backed against the viewing port, she looked up at him, her breath light and fast, her hands slid up to his shoulders. She wondered, why is she yielding?

She pushed back... finally… pushed him away and turned away… wondering why it hurt to do so? She looked out into the red, for what felt like a long time, and when she turned back, as silently as he’d arrived the cat had gone again. 


Maeve pulled on her boots, tied her whites around her waist and left them all behind. She went to the head, “A shower and then back in to the barrack room”, the others would never know she had gone.

Jessica? She didn’t care if Jessica knew.

She stripped, hanging her whites and washed, washed the filth and the fluids off her – “No matter what they do to you... a little soap and water and you’re clean.” She laughed again. But like Jessica half a ship away, there was a twinge of sadness she couldn’t quite place


  1. aaah, good news!you're finally're story is well detailled.It need more pictures to illustrate the different scene.(i know i'm exigeant but it's for the goodness of your blogg)
    CONGRATULATION for all the work.

  2. Hi There

    Yes it's good to be back :)

    I split the chapter in two in order to make it possible to add or revise content.

    So now ideas and suggestions are hugely appreciated and can be added without other content disappearing.


  3. Could you make your girls having sex with the alpha creatures?

  4. Hi There,

    My intention is very much that after the initial setting up of characters on the ship.

    That there will be 'encounters' with aliens of various kinds (including the alpha) on the planet.


  5. I am enjoying the story very much. I managed to miss the first half until after part two was posted, So I got to read it as a whole. I like the characterization and variety among the squad, and the jarring contrast between the two simultaneous scenes was a nice touch. My vote goes to "more pics" as well, but the story is strong enough to stand on it's own. Visuals are purely icing on the cake. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next installment!

  6. HI There

    Thank you both for the kind words.

    I will try and include more pictures in future chapters and maybe also return to these to add more images.

    Its lovely to see you here, i very much enjoyed your Tiori story.


  7. @Jessica

    I'm glad you liked it! There is more to come. I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens next in here as well.

    I enjoy your writing style, it's much cleaner than mine. I have to fight a tendency to get bogged down in details to the point of forgetting to advance the story. If you ever felt bored/generous enough to give me a more detailed review, fullytank knows how to reach me. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind your input on some future Tiori stories he and I are concocting either.

    In either case, keep up the good work. I'm fascinated by this dark world you are showing us.

    Be well,

  8. Btw... The pic of Maeve looking over her shoulder at the exhausted squad of grunts is Hot. I'm a sucker for redheads, although I'm not sure about one that I'd have to work that hard to excite. :P